Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Front Porch Signs

Awesome Huh? I just thaught this turned out way cute so I made one for my house too. I will take custom orders for them, just e-mail me.

Awesome Easy Fall Bag

You can totally make this!!!! It's a no brainer and costs about $5 to make. I do have to admit that I found the measurements on a blog, I wish I remembered what one cus I would like to give her the credit. I took pics as I made mine though so you could see the steps. Best of Luck!!!
You'll need 1/2 yard of burlap And 1/2 yard of any cute fabric you like for the inner liner.

Step 1~ Cut out fabric 2 of each (liner and burlap)

5in x 13in

22in x 3in

10in x 18in

& one long 2-3in strip(depending on the size you want) for the flower

Step 2~ add pleats. You need to add pleats to make the top measure 13 inches. This is the hardest step but I promise it looks worse than it is. You can really do it.

*do this for the liner and the burlap on the 10in x 18in squares.

Step 3~ Sew the top to the bottom

I learned the hard way to leave the bottom edge of the liner open. Sew all 3 sides of the burlap and only the 2 edges of the liner.

Step 4~ Sew your 22in x 3in strips in 1/2 so they're 1 1/2 in wide

Step 5~ pin your straps to the burlap and sew right side to right side together around top edge.

Step 6~ turn inside out and sew the bottom seam of the liner.

Step 7~ add flower and Ta DA!!!! Use your new $5 purse till it wears out.